Our motto - the most important is quality, not quantity. Unlike unfair breeders, we care about our dogs and puppies health that is why we comply with all the rules of International Federation of Cynology (FCI). The rules let a bitch have puppies every 8 months, indicate to vaccinate, give documents of birth and origin, puppy medical certificate and microchip. Needless to say, puppies get a document of origin after an authorized representative of the club approves their health.

Cairn Terriers' breeding is not just family business but also a vocation and desire - we breed Cairn Terriers for 3 years and take care of them for 6! Needless to say, we had time to get acquainted with the breed as owners as well as breeders because we watched how they grow up, we took care of them and visited dogs' shows. We often participate in internation dogs' showsMesi has won 3 times meanwhile Miro - 8 so all our puppies are healthy and can call themselves as champions' children.

We fall in love with Cairn Terrier puppies and take care of them as our own children. We want to find the perfect forever home so that is why we don't let for all potential customers buy puppies from us. Puppy is not a toy so that is why we always talk with potential new owners. All we want is that puppy will be happy in a new home and well-kept.