Cairn terriers are coming from Scotland. They used to hunt foxes, badgers, otters and other forest residents. These dogs were popular with farmers as well as courtiers. Cairn terriers were assigned to Skye Terrier type until 1924 years so it was allowed to breed them with western Scotlands' white terriers. Lately, British dog breeding club made a decision that these two breeds are different and can't be breed together since 1925 years.

The colour of the fur

Cairn Terriers are multicoloured - the majority of kennels agree that if a Cairn Terrier is one-colour, it means it isn't pedigreed. Cairn terriers have several types of colours - some of them are black with light strains, creamy and greyish. Usually newly born puppies are one-colour but lately, their fur changes the colour. Cairn Terriers also change their fur colour into more silver when are getting old.


Cairn Terriers are middle size, compact dogs. They adore play, run and romp. They will never miss a chance to go for a walk with its family member but also don't want to miss a chance to calmly sit near its owner. Cairn Terriers are full of joy, stubbornness and courage. Also, they are smart because are easily trained.
This breed agrees with family members (especially with children) and other animals. However, you need to remember that Cairn Terriers have a strong tendency to hunt so it might be that the dog will dig tunnels and look for animals under the ground. It is advised not to leave Cairn Terriers alone with other smaller pets because it can turn into a disaster.



Cairn Terriers are loyal, watchful, affectionate, enduring, playful, brave and smart dogs. They feel very strong instinct of hunting so that is why they love to run without the leash in the forest. It is very important not to forget that it is allowed to let it run without the leash only when it will be stretched otherwise it can run away.


Cairn Terriers don't split up and they shouldn't be washed often. Meanwhile, dog's owner sometimes should brush the fur because these dogs have quite long and rough coat. Dead and old hair should be drawn - thus are removed grease and dirt. Although it is forbidden to cut the fur, but legs are an exception. If dogs participate in dog shows often, it is advisable to pluck the fur every 6 – 8 weeks.

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Cairn Terriers are quite resistant to diseases. Although they are healthy but can inherit some diseases such as liver (liver encephalopathy, portosystemic shunt) or have allergies. Cairn terriers tend to be obese, hardly lose weight so it is very important not to overfeed them and feed with only low-calorie food.